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 10 ft Antenna Relocation Kit (ARK)
Gain up to additional 50% signal strength!
Works wiith all WiFi x10 Boosters

Works with original antenna.


Includes 10' cable and suction cup. Connect two if longer length is needed. We do not recommend over 20'


Is your computer in a basement, metal building or are obstructions between it and your wifi source? Add this to Gain up to 50% more signal strength in these conditions. The antenna relocation kit works best when you place the antenna in the best position for reception. Not all situations will show a gain as it take some power to transfer the signal through the cable.

10' cable attaches to the original antenna. Suction cup allows you to attach to window or any solid surface.

Place on window to greatly increase indoor reception if your WiFi source is outdoors.

$7.95 Free U.S & Worldwide  Shipping

Booster Mount with Suction Cup

Shown with booster and USB cable (not included)

Place booster on laptops,windows etc.
Great for keeping your booster where you want it!
Works with all G and N Boosters

$6.96 Free U.S & Worldwide  Shipping

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